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It’s about time that I give you a sneak peek into my next novel. It is a work in progress. Let’s see if you could pick up a few clues from the following pictures:

Two camouflaged army helmets worn by military.
Military dog tags hung in honor of fallen servicemen and servicewomen.
German shepherd wearing a collar handled with a military serviceman wearing camouflage.

Yes, it has a military backdrop. However, it is based on the role of military chaplains. I took this slant because of the lack of discussion about the sacrifice of military chaplains on all levels.

The Chaplain’s Heart is a fictional story told from the perspective of Chaplain Captain Tyler Regan, who served in the United States Marines as a Military Chaplain. He has served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with honor. It is during his last tour in Afghanistan that he suffers the loss of his best friend, Miguel.

This sets the stage for an unexpected turn of events.

Prior to his death, Miguel named Tyler as the guardian of his infant daughter named Sofia. Tyler was unprepared for the world of single parenthood. While on a short leave, he felt pressured to hire Yasmiin, a refugee as Sofia’s nanny.

Upon discharge from the Army, Tyler returned home to face life as a civilian, a single father to a baby he hardly knew, and address unresolved experiences he ignored when he served his country.

That’s my work in progress.

More to follow, friends,


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