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If I were to share my blogging history, I suspect some bits may surprise you.

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A friend told me about blogging years ago when I was a stay at home Mom. The first blog was a review blog called…

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Product Junkie Mama Review blog. It may have lasted a year. If that long. The next blog was called, The Candid Spot. It was about normalizing sexual health and reproductive issues. Once I became serious about writing, I started this website about two years ago.  As I focused more on writing as a serious commitment, I decided to create a routine.

Via Tenor

I Blog Because…

  • It gives me more opportunities to build my platform;
  • I want you to get acquainted with me not only as an author but as a person;
  • I want to give you an insight into my writing process;
  • It’s an extraordinary means of building meaningful connections;
  • It is a diversion from writing stories and putting my mind into other dimensions;
  • I love having a means of communicating my thoughts, vision and dreams with a global community;

Truth Is …

I had to think about dividing my time between writing and blogging. Truth is, I would rather focus on writing and focusing on manuscripts. This could be overwhelming as I can be too anal about a routine. Blogging three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays fits my schedule.

It’s hard to find blog topics sometimes. Thankfully, I have found ways to pre-plan blog topics pretty week. I have created a blog schedule that allows me to plan in advance. In the last six months, I was grateful that Camp NanoWrimo April and July took up the bulk of my pre-planning. Looking forward, you will see some select blog topics based on my writing process, fun topics, current affairs or more about me. Why? Because you like hearing from me 🤣🤣🤣.

Via Tenor

I need to let you go. However, if you blog, please let me know what motivates you to blog, your blog origin story and any fun facts you wish to share.

We’re going to talk soon,

M. 🌻

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