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The bustling New York City subway is the backdrop to an intense train romance filled with twists, unexpected stops, detours and thrills which would rattle two lives to their core.

Seth Chandler is a New York City billionaire who yearns for a meaningful love. During his daily commute, he cannot help but cast a lingering gaze at a mysterious woman seated in the corner of the subway corner. After saving her life during a subway rush hour tragedy, her disdain for him and pressures based on his class and status threaten to kill any hope of happiness.

Nursing wounds from humiliation and heartbreak, Caribbean-American immigrant Rachel saw New York City as her escape pod. Seth’s charms are irresistible. His constant interest chip away at the walls she fought hard to build around her heart.

Will Seth give in to his desires at the cost of turning his back on the life and family he has known?

Will Rachel give her heart a chance to heal or seal it off indefinitely?

Love Knows is a clean, interracial and multicultural romance which celebrates the fact that love indeed has the last word.

Get a front-row seat to an interracial christian romance that is as lively and exciting as the magnificence of the New York City subway.

Love Knows is available on Amazon.com.

“Love sees your heartbreak. Love sees the silent tears you shed when you are all alone. Love hears your cries in the darkest night. Love hears the questions burning within you.”
“You are here because Love called you. Love wants to set you free. “Love knows you. Love is waiting for you.”

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