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As a secondary school student (high school) I was introduced to Jamaica Kincaid when I studied Annie John for English Literature. The protagonist, Annie John, goes through adolescence on the island of Antigua. She finds herself at odds with the norms and traditions and with her mother.

A color portrait of Professor Jamaica Kincaid with leopard print framed glasses and a striped blouse.
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Jamaica Kincaid, legally known as Elaine Potter Richardson, was born on the Caribbean island of Antigua in 1949. Her early life was humble, with a mother who was a homemaker and a stepfather who was a carpenter. Personal relationships, especially the estranged relationship with her mother, have influenced her writing.

Reasons I Admire Jamaica Kincaid

  • Let’s get this out of the way: I am bursting with West Indian pride.
  • I believe in her authenticity as a writer. Critics have coined her tone as angry. However, I call it authenticity.
  • Themes in her writing were relatable as an adolescent growing up in the Caribbean. She discussed themes of love, loss, and dissonance.
  • As a contemporary fiction writer, I appreciate she could draw on the colonial and post-colonial climate in the Caribbean.
  • Professor Kincaid is a fearless woman who is not ashamed to broach uncomfortable subjects in her writing.
  • Other books worth reading from Jamaica Kincaid are Lucy and See Now Then.

Jamaica Kincaid captured the essence of relationships and life in their real raw form, allowing her readers to see a unique perspective of the world. If you wish to catch up on my previous entries, click here.

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