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I have to say I am one of the majority of people who must have a cup of coffee to start my day. Most of the time, I have my Keurig drip drip its magic in my favorite mug. However, I love to drive by my neighborhood Starbucks and order something expertly brewed.


Absent the one time I thought a barista was having a no good, horrible day, I have met some friendly faces with sunny personalities. Along with a cup of brewed goodness, I got charms and smiles. I have to admit that like other people I do take baristas for granted.

Serving up freshly brewed favorites is not just for college students or struggling actors, it is a serious vocation. Baristas are certified and go through intensive training.


Tennis elbows, and joint pains are some of the consequences of the daily grind. To ensure we get our perfect cup of java, baristas master the skill to the best of their ability.

Maybe it is time we try to show some appreciation for these hard-working coffee geniuses.

  1. Say hello and have polite conversation
  2. Ask as many questions as possible. Baristas want to help you get the best java experience.
  3. Say thank you because your coffee was the product of dedication and commitment.
  4. A tip always makes a barista’s day.
  5. Baristas make mistakes. They are human. Point out the mistakes with politeness. Please.
  6. Could you not use your phone while stating your order? Thank you.

How about you? Do you have a regular coffee spot? Does the barista know your name? What’s your favorite coffee brew?

Baristas matter,


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