Camp Nanowrimo: Day 2

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M via Nanowrimo

Day 2 was like a circus.

I made a promise to spend time with my family for part of the day. There were other things on my plate for the day.

And I sat down again at 8 pm to write.

Grand total: 657 words

Running total: 1360

Not 1000 words but enough to unlock two achievements.

Still Chapter One

Rosalind tries to process the shutdown of the Pediatric Oncology Wing. Her young patient is not responding to treatment. To take his mind off the sad news, she lingers in the room to play a round of chess.

With the entire weight of the day, the wedding and her patients condition, Rosalind retreats to get flat. She ignores text messages and calls from her best friends Ollie and Nicola.

Early next morning, she’s awakened by a hospital nurse about her young patient. Upon arrival, she joins her colleagues in trying lifesaving measures. Her young patient passes away dealing a crushing blow. She had not realized that she was attached upon his passing.

Tomorrow awaits.

I will keep you posted,


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