Why I Am Glad I Failed The Bar Exams

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I hated myself for weeks.

I failed the bar exams. All of my hard work blew up in my face.

Weeks before, I was sitting pretty. I was powered up, confident and positive. I was diligent. I studied for hours on end. Sleep deprivation and lacklustre nutrition caught up with me, but I was eager to be victorious.

Two days later, I felt ambushed and bowled over.

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No one likes to speak about their failures, especially when the world knows about your pursuits. Among all the little gems that came my way, one stood out.

Besides coming to terms with the fact that my life was not over, I heard these words: reinvent yourself. It struck me hard because it triggered a memory.

On the long drive back, I emptied my mind, as much as possible, of all memories of that horrible exam. Music helped, but a stupid idea came into my head. The winding highways took me through scenic countryside, farmlands and wineries. I passed a Native American reservation and marvelled at the sights.

Amid those thoughts, the idea hit me.

Write a book.

The idea was ludicrous. I never saw myself as a writer. I loved to read. Why engage in an activity for which I was not suited?

Reinvent yourself.

Okay. The thought nagged at me for weeks and weeks. It was like a plague. I grabbed a notebook and wrote copious notes outlining all kinds of ideas. Next, I envisioned scenarios and characters. I did extensive reading on my ideas, topics and subject.

This is how Love Knows was born.

I did not pass the bar exam, but I learned:

  • Like the surfer in the stock photo, I walked up to the beast, fought like hell, and survived.
  • I have just as enough balls to take on any challenge.
  • I am stronger than I could ever imagine.
  • There is more to my life than passing a standardized exam.

I am reinventing myself. I am using my voice. I am speaking in the first person.

I know you can do it too! We will do this together!

Write on friend.


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