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“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

My heart is breaking.

As a sign of respect I will not post the picture here. Since the world has seen what happened to precious Aylan Kurdi and other precious souls washed up on Turkish shores, we have seen a massive exodus of migrants from all corners of the world.

When I think of Aylan Kurdi, the mother in me feels her heart ripped out of her body.

He could have been my son.

Lately, I have felt strongly about global events spiralling out of control. Sometimes there is this urge to blog about it. Yet, I feel this leaning on my heart to hold back because the words will not come out the right way.

It would be more like a rant than a rational piece. 

I tell myself to avoid divisive issues. Do not ask my opinion on political and religious arguments. Ask me legal questions and I will answer within the confines of the law. If it is written, it must be followed to the letter.

I believe that part of my mission on this earth is not to encourage division but to help, in whatever way possible, to forge peace.

I would be lying if I said I am not affected by issues affecting people of color, the persecution of artists; bloggers, journalists, writers and dissidents around the world; the mass shootings in America and worldwide; the hatred levelled at those who are different; the senseless murders of police and law enforcement personnel; ISIS and its war on women; the disturbing news about Aboriginal and First Nations women who are missing and murdered; the rise of natural disasters worldwide and the total disregard for wildlife and the environment.

A man, to be greatly good… must put himself in the place of another and many others; the pains and pleasures of his species must become his own.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley (A Defence of Poetry and Other Essays)

And then this picture of precious Aylan surfaces.

I feel torn to pieces on the inside.

Here I am working on a romance novel and halfway around the world, men and women are fleeing for their lives. They are risking everything to find a safe place to lay their heads. The harsh cruelties they meet at certain borders leaves me dumbfounded.

It is easier to sing about the brotherhood of man than to actually put it into practice.

So, I tell myself to process my emotions, do what comes naturally.


How do I write in the face of global turmoil? Where do I find that respite? Where do I find that center? How can I find peace and write?

  • Acknowledge my feelings. My heart breaks for the people of this world. I weep with those who weep and mourn for the loss of innocence. I feel anger and disappointment.
  • Avoid stress and anxiety. I cannot control what happens in the world. What I can control is my response to it. I need to guard against getting too enmeshed placing my own mental health at risk.
  • Verbalize my feelings. Let it out of my system by talking with my best friend, my husband or confidantes.
  • Stick around my friends and family. They offer support and a shoulder to lean on.
  • Find healthy ways to deal with my emotions. Keep a journal. Write a poem. Practice silence. Meditate. Pray. Sweat it out at the gym. Cuddle up and watch Netflix or some sitcoms.
  • Contribute to humanitarian causes. Send donations to reputable charitable groups. Volunteer at local community centers.
  • Write, write, write. Writing is my oxygen. It is my liberation.

Flushing all of my emotions out strengthens my resolve to get back to working on Love KnowsIt is no longer irrelevant because the story speaks to the quest to find happiness, love, joy and peace. Are these not the goals of every human being? Why not use this platform to send a message of hope in this chaotic world?

Friend, this world’s sorrows can tear us apart but we who have the gift of creativity have an incredible opportunity. We can use our artistic abilities and our stories to remind people that in times of crisis, there is still an oasis of acceptance, love and hope. Our talents act as escape valves–even if it is temporal–into a world where they experience freedom.

We owe it to our brothers and sisters who cannot do so because they in prisons or censored. 

We can do this.

Thank you for bearing with me. Talk back to me.

What keeps you writing when you are going through a personal struggle? What are your tips and techniques?


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