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Women’s History Month is almost over, but first…

I’m guessing you’re still in shock from that slap heard across the universe at the Oscars on Sunday night.

Well, I wish I had a word about it because I’m in shock myself. Words escape me at this moment.


Women’s History Month is almost over. I wanted to switch things up a little. To round the month off, I wanted to introduce you to the rest of my she-roes from letters T through Z. This will be the last post, but you can catch up with the previous highlights here.

T is For Rock and Roll Legend Tina Turner

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I recalled watching the HBO Documentary, Tina. It was eye-opening and caused me to pay attention to how perseverance and endurance shaped Miss Turner’s outlook on life. She defied expectations facing the odds of being a rock and roll legend despite her age. Read her story here.

U is For All Ukrainian Women

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My sisters in Ukraine are strong, fearless, formidable. Their hearts beat strong not only out of love for their country but for their homes and families. My heart beats for all of you. My prayers will continue with fervor for you.

V is for The Virunga Female Park Rangers

Wildlife conservation is risky. I watched the Virunga Park documentary on Netflix. There continues to be a constant battle between conversation activists and commercial interests. Saving gorillas from extinction is not a matter up for debate. It intrigued me when I learned about women joining the ranks of Park Rangers. Conservation efforts inspired many of them to join in protecting the park and the gorillas. See some photojournalist highlights of these incredible women here. While you’re at it, give this article a look.

W is for Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai was a Kenyan political activist whose life work focused on human rights and freedoms. The first African woman to win a Nobel Prize in 2004, Ms. Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977.

M via Canva

X…I was stumped


Y is for Yamiche Alcindor

Whenever I want to hear about current events that affect the landscape of the United States (and the world), I look forward to reporting from a small pool of journalists. Miss Yamiche Alcindor is in that category. She asks the pertinent questions and does not shy from seeking answers.

My hope is that my work will shine a light on the civil rights issues of our time, expose the flaws of America’s unrealized promise to treat every man and woman equally and give voice to people who may never get the opportunity to walk into the White House.

Yamiche Alcindor, Journalist

Z is for Zee Edgell

As an adolescent, growing up in the Caribbean, for English literature classes, I was exposed to Caribbean literature written by West Indian writers. Zee Edgell, a Belizean writer, authored the book, Beka Lamb which is a coming of age story of a 14-year-old girl set against the backdrop of Belize’s struggle for independence. Ms. Edgell is a celebrated West Indian writer just like Jamaica Kincaid. I appreciated these words:

I write from a woman’s point of view because I like to do so, although I always try to write in a balanced way. In high school, the authors I read were mostly male writers writing about male concerns. They all wrote from the male point of view, but I learned that it was alright for me to write from a female point of view. I believe that the concerns of women and men are universal themes. 

Zee Edgell

And just like that, the month is at an end. I loved engaging this challenge. I also loved sharing my personal she-roes with you. Let me know in the comments below if you have any special women who have enhanced your lives. It could be from a kind word, a cup of coffee or an encouraging text.

Cherish your day,


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