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The impact that women have on humanity and the globe should not be relegated to a recognized day or month. We need to tip our hats to them everyday.

I choose to join in with the recognition with a few personal thoughts.

Today I want to say that I have taken the women in my life for granted. Celebrating them today is my first step in remembering how they continue to hold meaningful places in my life.

Penance, right?

My Mom showed me that dreams are possible even when critics claim to have the last word. Her quiet strength and courage has challenged me to be an empowered woman.

My maternal grandmother had the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship and raise eight children on her own. She was an entrepreneur and had a will to survive against the odds. Based on family photos, she was a fashionista. She was a spiritual woman who never missed a day at Mass.

My paternal grandmother was a small business owner and owned a night club. It was the most popular spot in the village. She had an eye for fashion like my paternal grandmother. Having not completed school, she was determined to get literacy classes completed. An avid Catholic, she was an active member of church groups and a regular attendee at Mass.

My mother-in-law will always be remembered as a devoted mother to eleven children. She was a strong matriarch and a tower of strength for her large family. I think she was a clone of Tyler Perry’s Madea. Her generosity, hospitality and unconditional love will never be forgotten.

There are women whose marks on my life will last a lifetime. Some I met by accident or by appointment. Every interaction was valuable. I walked away with life lessons.

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As a writer and a woman, it is important that my female characters are illustrated as real world characters who learn how to navigate real world problems while being true to their identity.

In Love Knows, Rachel learned to deal with the past and explore paths to finding wholeness on her terms. To understand the reason for her decisions meant a look at her internal struggles and her thought processes.

I salute my sisters worldwide who give of themselves in every aspect of humanity. I can you sisters because every woman together can effect change. Thank you to our brothers who come alongside us, cheering us along the way.

Sisters support each other. Sisters stand together. Happy Women’s Day!

Remembering Rosalind P. Walter, the inspiration for the song, “Rosie The Riveter”,


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