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Often I like to take time to reassess, recalibrate, review and revise. Writing is a lonely occupation. I wonder sometimes why an all-consuming talent such as this was given to me. When I sit and reflect it gives me a chance to recapture my “whys”.

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Why Do I Write

My List Of “Whys”

  • Writing is my oxygen. If I am feeling in need of energy, I pour out myself in a piece of fiction. It may never get published but it got me through a slump. Free-writing has been a secret to reviving myself when I am in need of excitement.
  • There are stories I wish to read that are yet untold.
  • We need more diverse stories.
  • In a world wrecked with pain, darkness and unhappiness, stories can light up a dark corner.
  • More characters are yet to be revealed. Enough of the cookie cutter character types.
  • As long as my fingers can move, my brain cells are operating at 100%, I can enjoy a good cup of Java goodness and there’s a quiet nook, I will write.
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Why Contemporary Fiction?

It happened by accident. I have been a student of history. Our current world affairs interest me. I remember while writing Love Knows, the world has seen the horrors of the migrant crisis in Europe. A migrant baby boy had washed ashore. I sent Seth to spend time in Greece with a humanitarian group as part of shedding a light on the crisis. It did not stop there.

Interracial And Multicultural Fiction

I want to live in a world where it is normal for a Korean to fall in love with a woman of African descent. I want to live in a world where it is beautiful to celebrate the cultural richness that make us uniquely human. I want to live in a rainbow world.

What Are You Thinking?

Why do you write? What made you decide to write? I want to know. Leave me your reactions in the comments.

Before I go, remember the most courageous thing you and I can do is start.

Talk to you soon,


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