When COVID Came To Town

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This is the third year living with COVID–19 thriving among us.

Hard to believe that almost three years ago we welcomed 2020. Weeks later…

Hanging with friends in 2020 titled over picture of individual fish in bags of water bobbing in the water under the dock.
A woman wearing glasses opens her mouth as she gets a nose swab for a COVID 19 test.
Red-bricked cell with a gigantic padlock with label CoVid 19.
Two green Ws with smiles and glasses with CoVid 19 message.
Illustration of scientists, doctors, nurses and first responders hoisting the American flag with Thank You in a ribbon overhead.

Almost three years into our new normal, I find myself thinking and reflecting.

  • The human cost is crushing. At first, it was like living in a dystopian world where were saw a daily death count. Figures surpassed the Vietnam war, civil war, and 9/11. We’re almost at 900, 000 souls lost to this viral disease with a variant wreaking havoc. No matter the position on this crisis, we have collectively lost lives snuffed out too soon.
  • We once lauded healthcare workers as heroes with military flyovers and applause at 7 pm sometimes. Not anymore. The new guidelines of a shortened time once CoVid positive appear to be an insult to their sacrifice. No doubt there are staying shortages.
  • Teachers are the unsung heroes. Having to adapt to remote learning, taking the brunt of parental frustrations and without the bonuses given to other professions.
  • A mask is a controversial topic.
  • Do we really care about each other?
  • Whom should we believe? The CDC? The government? The scientists? Or our own better judgment?
  • What has been the toll on social relationships given the controversial nature of this crisis?
  • Mother Nature got a chance to breathe and recuperate during the lockdowns and shelter in place. Did we really learn how to adjust our habits as a human species to take care of the planet?
  • Vaccine inequity showed with the lack of consideration for those countries without access to vaccines.
  • Creativity flourished during the pandemic. Streaming services pushed new content. No, I have not indulged in Bridgerton yet.
  • Zoom meetings are exhausting.
  • Working from home is a great alternative and helps Mother Nature.
  • Moms stood up and became real about the work-life balance. It may have been the catalyst for the Great Resignation.
  • Communication took on a new form given the social distancing rules and lockdown orders.
  • As humans, we understood we could work through any adversity. We baked bread, did haircuts and cooked new meals.
  • Church was no longer relegated to four walls. Zoom church was born, perhaps to the detriment of the church once the lockdown orders expired.
  • There is no home remedy or viral concoction that could cure COVID-19.

If this is our new normal, we will have to learn how to build creative bridges.

As a writer, I felt some despondency. The isolation almost sucked away my creative energy. Until I found inspiration from our healthcare heroes and first responders. Departing from my normal plotter routine, I free wrote a story about an Emergency Trauma Surgeon and a Police Detective whose paths intersect to uncover a criminal enterprise. The story needs more work.

My quarantine baby is called, “Loving Abbie.”

Maybe I should publish it as a novella.


COVID-19 is here with us. We need to learn to live with it. Please stay safe. Don’t let your creative energy stagnate.

It is, after all, an exciting time as a creative. We get to keep the world’s imagination on full throttle.

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