What Inspires You?

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Sounds like a simple question.

Life is filled with inspiration. Human existence and the stories emanating in my mind, should be told.

I love road trips better than plane rides. Check out some of my pictures below. These are samples of scenic vistas and intrigues that help create plot ideas in my mind. My writer’s brain is in high gear whenever I travel.

Mountain vistas in Utah.
A floral trellis gazebo in the middle of a mall with overhanging lights and shiny waxed floor.
Rolling English green hills with cloudy blue sky.
Pink hibiscus flower surrounded by green shrubbery.
Mountain Vista with blue cloudy sky in Nevada.
Canyons and mountain peaks in the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Golf course with waterfall in the middle.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France on a partly cloudy day.
Stonehenge on green landscape with blue sky and clouds.
Red sun in between trees on an early morning walk in the neighborhood.
Shot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in the middle of two tall buildings like Manhattan Henge.

News headlines provide much inspiration. In Love Knows, Seth Chandler worked for a human rights agency on the frontlines of the refugee crisis in Greece. The heartbreaking story of the toddler whose body washed ashore was seared in my memory. I wanted to weave it into the story.

Another piece of news headlines I was inspired by were the groundbreaking reports known as the Panama Papers. Seth’s arrest as part of a multistate investigation into nefarious, corrupt business practices of the family law firm was partially based off this international scandal.

Some events were drawn from life experiences and observations. As a writer, I revel in studying people, the human condition, and the vast complexity of existence.

What inspires you?

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