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I remember days like these when the radio played all day long. From sunrise to sunset, it was like the soundtrack of my childhood. The radio was like a member of the family.

Sad to say, the radio, or should I say listening to the radio, is on the verge of extinction. What’s to blame? Evolving technology? Podcasts? Who knows?

As a little girl, the radio broadcasts took me into many worlds and sparked an insatiable desire for creativity. I learned about the wider world in all aspects. I believe that my outlook on the world was shaped by the radio.

The Big Ben chimes and the alerts from the BBC World Service were enough for me to drop everything and pay attention. There was something magical about listening to the BBC reporters relaying stories from all parts of the globe. I remember dreaming of being in those places and being an international journalist.

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So…like she said, now that I am an adult and sporting flecks of maturity in my curls and coils, I have been longing for those radio days. I love listening to Old Time Radio.

My favorite shows are Suspense, The Whistler and detective shows like Dragnet and This Is Your FBI.

While I love listening to podcasts, there is something magical about radio that I think gets lost in all the marches towards progress. Radio is still a unifying force that can bring people together and change the world.

So, do you still listen to the radio? If you do, what do you like? The music, public radio shows? Let me know.


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