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A couple of days ago, I headed back to the office for work supplies. The commute was fantabulous (I know this is not a word). Seems like people were heeding the CDC guidelines and doing their part to “flatten the curve.” Heading into the building, I ran into a colleague and as working parents we spoke about remote learning and teleworking. We began to share the view that this COVID-19 had certainly forced us to rethink life as working parents.

Reporting live from my homefront, I have survived the first week. At first I was a bit nervous about having to handle professional matters at home. Once I got settled, tasks were checked off. With three older children content to spend their days watching their favorite shows on streaming services and playing video games, teleworking, so far has been a good experience.

My heart goes out to parents with younger children who have to strategize their work schedules at home. Here’s a tip: have a talk with your partner, significant other, caregiver, relative or spouse about reorganizing schedules to allow for time to devote to work tasks.

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Teleworking, I have come to realize, takes commitment sprinkled with realism.

The Upside of Teleworking:

  • Tasks get accomplished;
  • Flexibility;
  • Reduces carbon footprint by not using a car or public transportation; and
  • Achieves a work and life balance.

The Downsides of Teleworking:

  • Social isolation;
  • Lack of discipline given home environment; and
  • Difficulty creating an adequate workspace at home.

I have discovered that this flexible work arrangement is not for everyone. In fact, a colleague remarked that work is a respite from a busy household. Quite understandable.

In these COVID-19 times, we are learning how to adapt. We are learning how to think of others, swallow our pride and act for the greater good. Teleworking taught me that.

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