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I promised a sneak peek into my brain concerning my writing journey.

There have been some inspiring story plots surfacing, begging for further exploration.

A healthcare worker, mid-thirties, ER trauma surgeon who performs emergency lifesaving surgery on a suspect involved in a criminal enterprise. Meet a detective, mid-thirties, on a case which involves the suspect.

In another story bunny, six people were trapped in an elevator on Christmas Eve. Two are middle-aged couple facing marital woes. One of them is a young man who has been struggling to get a job since being out of prison. A young woman who is debating an abortion after a failed affair. A young couple seeking help with fertility issues.

A young widow is home alone after a long shift as a nurse. There’s a noise downstairs. She creeps down the stairs and sees a police officer in full assault tactical gear slumped on the floor.

I think of these as sprouts. Whether they blossom into writing, time will tell. Work in progress. Story bunnies.

A penny for your thoughts?


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