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It is not possible to know everything about our family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and, well, strangers. Today, I want to be transparent. Nothing scandalous, I promise. Read on to learn about some things that most people do not know about me.

First thing I love all things cultural! I sop up all the travel documentaries about people, places and events.

Cultural Snob

Fall colors of orange, burnt red leaves on trees overlooking a babbling, flowing brook over rocks.
Zhaoli Jin, Unsplash

I am enthralled by the spectre, beauty, aura and rich history of the Asian culture. Close your eyes and listen to the stringed instruments and the stories told in those compositions. I think of strolling through the beautiful, landscaped Japanese Gardens. They designed those gardens to encourage meditation, quietness, and reflection.

Classic Movie Addict

Film noirs are one of my secret vices. Thank you TCM for enabling my habit. The characters, the plots, and the suspense hooked me. A couple of my favorites are Too Late For Tears, Double Indemnity, Impact and Timetable.

Hooked On Radio

Old Time Radio classics. Yes, I listen to them. I grew up listening to the radio before I could mutter syllables. Before television, the world beamed into my house from a medium-sized radio perched on a wrought iron overlooking my family kitchen. I am a fan of Suspense, Escape and Johnny Dollar.

Not A Green Thumb

I suck at gardening. The whole idea seemed amazing, but putting it into practice has been a tragedy. To date, I have been unsuccessful in keeping succulents alive. However, I love getting nature’s beauties.

A bouquet of roses on table.
My production

K-Drama Addict

Korean dramas are the greatest! There are too many in my Netflix queue. Besides engaging plots, salivating food scenes, addictive characters and beautiful vistas, I have a deep appreciation and regard for the cultural, social and economic nuances woven into dramas. My first Korean drama which got me hooked was Coffee Prince. You never forget your first K-Drama.

Hooray For Bollywood

Staying with international films, Bollywood films are in my queue. I love a sensational Bollywood dance scene. I could watch Special 26 a million times.

Forever Flicks

I could watch a movie a million times over and the same emotions surface. That moment when Lena Younger mourned the loss of the insurance check in A Raisin in the Sun. Impeccable work. Miss you Sir Sidney Poitier!

How about you? Leave your comments below.

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