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I got an email from NanoWrimo. July is Camp Nanowrimo. I had not thought about it before. Yes it’s offered in April and July. There’s the big global one in November.

Did I say…

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For staying with me through April. Read my journey by checking the tag Camp Nanowrimo.

So ….

I am tempted!!! I love a challenge.

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If I do this, I need to start sketching characters, situations and fun stuff like …

I have a love-hate relationship with this guy. Via Giphy

My thought is if I don’t challenge myself (again) I will not know if I learned from April. You guys were fantastic following me through the high and low points.

Two Competitors, One Will Win

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First Story: The working title is Loving Abbie. This story is told from the perspective of Marco, a busy emergency trauma surgeon. One day he performs surgery on a patient who is critically wounded from gunshot wounds. Before he passes out, he shares information which has no meaning to him. This becomes the beginning of a series of unfortunate events which means frequent run-ins with law enforcement and pushy Detective Abigail.

Marco learns that his patient had strong ties to nefarious law enforcement and government officials. The information shared would affect his life and that of the ones he loves in more ways than one. Detective Abigail is his only way out. Or is she?

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Second Story: This is my first worldbuilding attempt. Heart on Reserve is the working title. Sarai, the protagonist is a wounded, embattled discharged soldier who is going home since leaving at seventeen. Her home was founded by former slaves of African descent who made it to Canada. They were able to work hard and create their own community. They have been at the center of threats from oil and mining interests, drug and human traffickers and government threats of taking their land.

Sarai fights to adjust to returning back to civilian life, being an amputee and facing issues from her past which return in waves. Her community is under attack and she can either sit back and watch it fall or join forces with a young Community Chief and Police Chief whose face is familiar. Where did she see him before?

So… Which one should I map out for July?

First Story?

Second Story?

Oh and why?

Today is June 7th. Let me know in the comments by midnight June 17th.

Are You In?

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Can’t wait to hear what you come up with?

M 😁😁😁

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