Remembering Sir Sidney Poitier

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I miss Sir Sidney Poitier.

Having heard of his passing, there have been many eloquent accolades offered on his behalf.

Sidney Poitier, serious, in a scene from To Sir With Love sits behind a desk in front of pink flowers in a vase on the desk.
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Mine is simple.

My earliest memory is sitting with my father watching the film, To Sir With Love.

According to my father, this was based on the account of a E. R. Brathwaite, who tried to navigate the world of teaching in a British public school while experiencing discrimination. As an educator, my father noted that Mr. Thackeray’s experiences and his teaching techniques inspired him.

Sir Sidney Poitier had a heart for the common brotherhood of man. He never forgot his Bahamian roots. There was a common thread in his acting roles: see people for who they are and not for the color of their skin.

As an adolescent West Indian girl, that tall, handsome black man who exuded a higher level of confidence smote me unlike I had ever seen.

He made the art of storytelling easier and engaging. His presence on the screen made his performances unforgettable.

Before there was Denzel Washington, there was the quintessential Sir Sidney Poitier.

To Sir With Love,


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