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For millions of us ( if I am wrong, let me know) quarantine means time to fight the evil COVID-19 and/or keep yourself safe.

My heart is with all of my global family bravely and courageously tearing the monster coronavirus apart.

Let me follow my train of thought. Please bear with me.

If you are reading this and your body is under attack from the evil COVID-19, I am fighting alongside you with my good thoughts, good intentions, dreams of you armed with “weapons” in your Ironman-like suit ready to slay like crazy and fervent prayers.

Friend, you are stronger than you know and you will slay this icky, yucky, sucky monster!

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To you who lost a brave, courageous soul, it is a difficult time. This is not the way this was supposed to end. Your loved one should be here with you.

I am so sorry for your pain. I am so sorry for your grief. I am holding you up in my heart and holding you close in my thoughts.

One minute before we switch segments. Thank you.

By now, cancelled events, school closures, NBA, NHL and MLB suspensions have popped up in the news. This means our new reality may mean being homebound for some people or limited options for entertainment. I know the phrase, “I’m bored” gets thrown in my face a lot by my three children.

Life is about adapting.

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Easy for me to say since I am not one of over 16 million Italians who are on lockdown. Maybe we can come up with a few things we could do since this pandemic situation is our new normal.

  • Scroll through your streaming service and watch some reruns, documentaries and new shows;
  • Camp Naniwrimo is starting up soon. You can write! It is in you. Check it out!
  • Invest in time with your family. Create ways to strengthen your family ties with pizza nights, game nights, movie nights or any activity that purposefully allows each family member to know each other.
  • Check in with your significant other, spouse, partner. Date nights are a great way to start.
  • Curl up to a great page-turner.
  • Pick up your phone and resist the urge to check out what Betty is up to on Facebook and have a chat with family or a close friend. Texting is not chatting. People do not call each other anymore. Another conversation for another time.
  • Try a new hobby. You may just discover a hidden talent.
  • Keep a journal. Who knows? Your experiences could make for a great essay or a novel or may end up on the big screen. (Can I not think big?)
  • Your turn! This spot is for you.

We are going to take down this monster together. My hope is that this is not permanent. Be responsible. Be well and be safe.

Shoot! Missed the hand sanitizers at my store again!


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