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Before I begin, I know that there are many views about Queen Esther. I do not wish to indulge in the discussion or debate. I have to admit that I am tempted to speak about Queen Vashti.

But that may be a future topic. Stay tuned?

Queen Esther was one of the most powerful women in history. Her courage saved thousands of lives at the risk of her own.

Source: Wikipedia; Queen Esther (1879) by Edwin Long

This is an artist’s impression. I am not sure if this is how I envisioned the Biblical Queen.

Anyhow, based on the Bible saga, as told in the Book of Esther, she was a Jewish orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai. When the King of Persia dethrones Queen Vashti, his advisors persuaded him to search for a substitute. Soldiers took young women from their homes and families in order to prepare to join the royal harem in order to be seen by the King.

Esther had to hide her true identity. As a Jew, she was named Hadassah. The Persian King was attracted to Esther, crowing her Queen of Persia.

Haman, the Agagite, conspired to wipe out the Jewish population in Persia. He used his power to create laws which empowered non-Jews to carry out an ethnic cleansing of the Hebrew nation.

The Queen had a decision to make: unmask her identity at the loss of her own life or do nothing. Even a beloved Queen could die if she appeared unsummoned before the King. She appeared to show fear when challenged by her uncle. In response, her uncle says:

“Do not think that because you are in the king’s house you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

Book of Esther, Chapter 4, Verses13-14, New International Version

After fasting and prayer for three days, Queen Esther appeared before the King to reveal Haman’s plot. Uncovering this plot set the stage for a chain of events which would destroy Haman and save the Hebrew nation.

Yes, I have a romantic notion of the story. However, as a woman of faith, I cling to the faith, courage and bravery as exemplified in Queen Esther.

If you are a person of faith, are there any women who have influenced the course of your life?


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