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I love listening to podcasts. There’s a lot to learn about a variety of topics ranging from headline making issues to how to form a proper sentence.

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Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts which have given me cause to be hooked and coming back for more.

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

I stumbled on this podcast after listening to Trevor Noah being interviewed for a television show. When I want a break from the traditional newscasts, I am listening to The Daily Show. Not only was his personal story fascinating but he brought a fresh perspective on news, entertainment and issues that matter. The segments are absolutely brilliant.

Post Reports by The Washington Post

The Washington Post is respected for their impeccable reporting. This podcast does not disappoint. I can get all the key news headlines I need to hear in this podcast.


Absolutely incisive and indepth reporting on issues that affect our community. I learned about social issues, community crises and matters that touch us all.

Start Here

I love ABC News so listening to this podcast was a no brainer. As the title states this podcast is best listened to at the start of your day. These are news headlines that will matter for the day.

Into America

I wanted to hear about the Black experience in America. This show tackles all the issues and examines them in depth.

Snap Judgment

The title gives the clue. Each story leaves you on the edge of your seat. When you think you know the ending, it’s a complete twist.

Dirty John

Before it hit the screen as a riveting thriller, I devoured the podcast. I had to withhold judgment and listen to how a cunning, handsome man could worm his way into the hearts of women who were in love with him. Thank you, Wondery. Sidenote: I have been a diehard fan of Wondery for a few years. They have produced podcasts that are informative and allow you to relive some of the most talked about stories in our history.


I am a true crime fan. This tv show and podcast examines shocking yet true crime stories from start to finish. Keith Morrison is my absolute favorite reporter.

American Scandal

One gem in The Wondery family. I love this podcast because it examines those jaw-dropping events that shaped our American landscape. The podcast series about the Bernie Madoff was engaging.

American History Tellers

This podcast retells key historical events that affected the course of American History. I learned about the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory disaster and the Trial of The Chicago Seven.

Mommy Doomsday

Keith Morrison reports on the tragedy surrounding the death of two children caught in an unbelievable vortex of religion, superstition and cultic obsession. I can’t wait to hear how this case is resolved.

Do No Harm

This podcast grabbed my attention. It started with a suspicion of child abuse stemming from a fall in the yard and escalated into two groups of parents’ fight to clear their names. As a parent, I was glued to every podcast episode.

Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

I wanted to know more. From the first episode, I got a picture of the man and the allegations stacked against him. This podcast comes with a discretion advisory as there were survivors who retold their story

History Chicks

Fannie Lou Hamer joined my list of she-roes when I listened to this podcast. The narrators were in command of the material and the research was impeccable.

There are others that I have listened to from time to time. These are my top podcasts. What are your favorite podcasts?

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