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The most beautiful thing about my relationship with my father is that when we have a spirited argument it keeps us talking for hours. Our conversations range from politics to the price of coffee.

It’s eye-opening and a complete rollercoaster ride!

We are both headstrong, stubborn, firm and passionate about life.

I’ve watched my father through many seasons of life. His faith has been the cornerstone of his life. The secret: my mother. She is his rock. She’s the reason he has accomplished much

Today I salute him and raise a glass to the first man who was larger than life in my world.

I love you, Dad!

Let’s Chat A Moment

How do you measure a great father?

Via Tenor

Like I always do, I host a beautiful Father’s Day weekend for my love. All of his favorite dishes, the works. We come to the time when our Ks say something nice to their Dad. You know, give him a meaningful card (not the tacky, last minute kind) and a hug etc. My love proceeds to read the card and he chuckled when he read this:

Thank you Dad for not going to get milk.

Via Tenor


I pride myself on knowing all the lingo, idioms etc.  This felt like a subtle insult but I played it cool. So I asked my loving first K (all of my hearts have K first names),

Via Tenor

That’s a father who leaves on the pretext of getting dairy goodness but never returns. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to know many people (as you may have) whose Dads or sperm donors walked out into the night.

To you I say…

Via Tenor

And …

Via Tenor

A Good Father

A patient teacher

Via Tenor

Loves to a fault

Via Tenor

Makes quality time meaningful

Via Tenor

Fight tooth and nail for those he loves

Via Tenor

Put others first before his own welfare

Via Tenor

Embraces vulnerability

Via Tenor


Via Tenor

First Hero

Via Tenor

By now, you saw the theme. I’m just in a Star Wars mood. I’ve been enthralled by Obi Wan Kenobi.

Happy Father’s Day! Hug your Dad or a father figure. COVID-19 is rearing for a sneak attack. Be safe.


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