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This Turkish gem caught my eye when I was looking for a weekend film.

From Movie Mix YouTube Channel

Sidebar: The trailer is in Turkish. Rest assured, there are dubbed voiceovers on Netflix.

Two brothers who shared a love of music are separated from each other. One becomes a street performer and single father. The other a violin virtuoso with world renown.

A man with a furrowed forehead plays the violin.
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A man and a woman have a romantic dinner and are serenaded by a girl playing the violin with long flaming red hair.
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With the unexpected death of his estranged brother, Mehmet is faced with a decision whether to step in and be a guardian to his orphaned niece or continue to pursue his musical ambitions. After coming to terms with the complexities of his relationship with his deceased brother, he was able to gain a new perspective on himself, his marriage and his only blood relative— his niece.


I loved it! It tugged all of my heartstrings. Mehmet’s niece grabbed my attention the moment she was onscreen. I loved how the screenwriter took us through the reality of an estranged family relationship. Mehmet’s character was real. Not a straw man. His arrogance was offensive thus making his transformation impactful. This is a family friendly film with themes of forgiveness, love and some damn good, toe-tapping, hip-swaying, foot-stomping violin pieces.

If you have a Netflix subscription, consider adding this gem to your list.

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