NaNoWriMo Is Over! Now What?

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This blog post was published in December, 2014.

I slew the dragon amassing over 50,000 words. My story is still a work in progress. I suspect the final work will be close to 80, 000 words. NaNoWriMo ended on November 30th but it continues for me until the last word.

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Pardon my manners, but we have not been introduced. My name is Miriam Esther Adrien-Thompson. It is a pleasure to meet you. The mere fact you are here means you are wondering why you should even be reading this blog. Click on the menu. Leave a comment. Let me know you were here from time to time. I appreciate your visits.

I will be honest with you. I have no idea how to go ahead with this blog. So, forgive me if I become myself. I am a new writer who is still wet behind the ears. I cannot promise writing tips, tools and tricks because I figure you will find that on other blogs. On this blog, I am going to let you in on my writing, share my personal thoughts, photos and even share some ideas.

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship–I hope.

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