N Is For Nanny of the Maroons

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Growing up in the Caribbean, I learned about Nanny of the Maroons. Stories were told of her military prowess and skill. She led a rebellion which is legendary.

Jamaicans revere Nanny of the Maroons as a National Hero because she brought a colonial power to its knees.

Nanny of the Maroons, Jamaica's National Hero on a purple and beige $500 Jamaican Bank Note wearing a traditional African head dress and a serious demeanor.
Source: Wikipedia

There is little documentary evidence regarding her origins. However, based on oral accounts, Nanny of the Maroons may have been born in 1686.

Nanny gathered a group of former African slaves. They settled in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. For years, they fought with the British for their freedom.

The Maroons had mastered the art of guerilla tactics. Historians seem to suggest that there was a strong belief that their leader, Nanny,had supernatural powers. Their persistence as a formidable adversary resulted in heavy losses for the British.

Nanny and The Maroons were undefeated.

On April 20, 1740, the British and The Maroons signed a Treaty ending the wars. As part of the peace treaty, Nanny and The Maroons received 50 acres of land and their freedom.

Today, Moore Town or Nanny Town is a testament to that treaty. There are descendants of The Maroons living in Jamaica to this day.

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