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Sometimes I dream of an ideal place where I can retreat and write without a care in the world. It would look like this.

A country house in England with beige walls surrounded by flowers, green shrubbery and trees.
Gordon FitzGibbon, Unsplash

With a backyard that looks like this…

Wooden arch with cobblestone pathway into a secret garden

Almost takes me to those scenes from Pride and Prejudice. Well, Jane Austen gave me that impression.

Country house hidden in the background with trees, flowers, green shrubbery and blue sky with clouds.

And then….

A garden with all the colors of nature.

But I digress….

A writing space that would look like this…

White furniture in home office with two stands with potted plants and knick knacks with a desk in the middle. Atop the desk is a computer screen with the picture of green plants.

However, until then I am content with this …

A large framed photo of a country house with farmland hangs over a desk with a large computer screen, a lighted lamp on the left next to a large bouquet of pink and purple flowers. A chair is pulled up to a table with knick knacks.
C’est moi M.

Writers were the original remote workers. The world just caught up with us. If you are comfortable sharing your creative space, leave a picture below.


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