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Miriam Adrien-Thompson

A is for anxiety


Understandable given the novel nature of the COVID-19 virus. Try coughing in the grocery store checkout line. That glare and stare will explain the level of anxiety.

B is for Borders/Boundaries


Seems like the Earth is slowly losing her doors. Borders are closing all around us. We are slowly sealing our borders. Saran wrap?

C is for Coronavirus


Here is something I did not know: coronaviruses are a kind of virus. COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus. There are some coronaviruses that can cause disease. The more we know.

D is for Doctors


My superheroes on the frontlines being that caring, courageous corps of medical warriors during this pandemic. They deserve more than we can ever give. My heart is with them even now as they have to work without much needed resources. Stay home so our medical superheroes can fight this wicked plague.

E is for Elective/Essential Services


Unless there is a true emergency, there is no need for me or my family to have preventative dental hygiene visits or any non-essential service. Could you not schedule that tummy tuck or botox shot for some other time? How about when COVID-19 jumps off a cliff?

F is for Dr. Fauci/Flatten the Curve


So many talking heads. So many voices. Only one voice speaks reason and that is Dr. Anthony Fauci. It took this wicked plague for me to get acquainted with this world-renowned expert on infectious diseases. No one else matters. Flatten the curve and save lives. If we are in a “war” then everyone should do their part.

G is for Government


H is for Hydroxychloroquine


If we can kick that wicked plague in the butt by treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine, count me in. But before we pop the champagne bottles, let’s consider those among us who depend on this drug to treat symptoms arising from lupus. With this drug in short supply, we are endangering a demographic who needs this therapy to ease ther symptoms.

I is for Immunocompromised/Italy

Italy, I am so sorry.

J is for Judgment/Japan


I ordered from an Asian restaurant and I will do it again. Enough said.

Japan thank you for being responsible.

K is for Kindness

Via Giphy

L is for Love


This social distancing thing can throw cold water on a romantic evening. On the other hand, it is the perfect excuse not to go out with someone. Just thinking out loud.

M is for Months


I’m hearing months possibly a year or more before we can kick this pestilence out of our lives. This is a long haul, friends. No Easter as usual, my friends.

N is for N-95 Masks

For the love of humanity, please end all elective surgeries so that our medical warriors can defeat this viral menace.

Via Giphy

O is for oxygen/outbreak

This is gold for COVID-19 patients. I will never take this for granted. We’re over 1,000 deaths. I am heartbroken about this figure.

P is for PPEs


Until now I would have never known about PPEs. Personal Protection Equipment to the hot spots! Stat!! Like a month ago, please.

Q is for Quarantine


It can feel like prison but it really is about keeping safe. My thoughts at this moment are that whatever emotions surface are my truth and normal. This is about adapting and adjusting.

R is for Restaurants


On my walk, I noted the number of neighborhood restaurants closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My heart broke knowing the economic losses the restaurant industry will continue to face. Whenever I order takeout, I try to leave a cash tip for the servers. Let’s all do the same. The dining rooms may be closed but takeout and delivery is still available. And no, you cannot get the coronavirus from a restaurant. Just saying.

S is for Social Distancing


How has social distancing been going for you? As for me, it has challenged me to keep in touch more with my family and friends. Maybe after this is all over, we would have learned how to talk to each other.

T is for Time


Time to flatten the curve. Time to get a vaccine. Time to get PPEs, ventilators and urgent medical equipment. Time to save the economy. Time, time, time.

U is for Unknown


It’s like we’re living between the known and unknown. Scary. Frightening. I have taken the decision to just roll with whatever may come. How about you?

V is for Vaccine


Scientists say it may take a year to 18 months before a vaccine could be placed on market. I wonder if China has already found a COVID-19 vaccine. Hmmm.

W is for The World Health Organization


Right this minute, next to Dr. Fauci, I trust the World Health Organization. That is all.

X is for eXpectations


Careful. Too high and you get disappointments. I am hoping everyone is following the CDC guidelines. Stay home. Social Distancing.

Y is for Young


This COVID-19 pandemic is not an old people or boomer disease. More and more young people are suffering from this wicked menace. Get your backsides out of the parties and Corona parties and stay home.

Z is for Zero


Until the day we have zero cases and zero deaths, I have hope.

Remembering Dr. Li Wenliang who rests in power,


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