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I wish I knew what I am about to say right now. It would have saved me tears, screams, pissed off Gordon Ramsay moments and all that emotional stuff.

When will I learn that nothing in this life happens in a straight line? I laugh when people talk about life plans.

Before You Jump In…

Mine was like this:

  • Become a high-powered corporate attorney;
  • Jet set around the world;
  • Make lots of money in the process;
  • Then I would find a husband;
  • Children. Maybe two;
  • Happily ever after.
Via Tenor

Enter Reality…

I did get a Law Degree. While I studied Criminal Law and Blackstone’s Commentaries, I fell in love. Once that happened, I found myself here in America with my husband.

Almost twenty years later, I had to adjust to the American way of life, culture and the ins and outs of being an American. We became a family of five with the blessed addition of our three Ks.

We have lived in various parts of America and seen life through a myriad of perspectives. Small Town, suburban and urban America.

I have seen the good, bad, ugly, evil and deplorable of America’s workplaces.

I’ve also learned that I have a funny accent.

Via Tenor

An Unlikely Turn

I had no idea that I would blogging about being a writer, sharing my perspectives or giving you my dear companions a window into my world from my balcony.

It started after learning that I bombed the New York Bar Exams. This was not going to be the end of my story. I screamed out the disappointment, straightened my gaze at the horizon, whipped out a notebook and a pencil. I found myself free writing non-stop for a week.

At the end, I said to myself…

Via Tenor

I vaguely remember what the story was about. It was crap. First drafts are always….

Via Tenor

However, I had a healing moment. My faith had a lot to do with that. Writing pulled me out of my dark moments. I look back and I think of how the heartbreak consumed me. It was crushing.

Writing gave me an outlet. A forum of my own making where I can roam free uninhibited. No judgment. I did not have to be bound by anyone or anything.

Thank You For Sticking Around Friend

Well. How about we get to the life lesson I wished I had learned.

Via Tenor

That truth is one I need to speak into my spirit like a daily mantra.

I had been nurturing the thought that there has to be an exact order to life. Be married at a certain age. Be successful at a career by a certain age. Be settled in life by a certain age.

It’s just a recipe for insanity. You see, locking myself into that mindset prevented me from appreciating the power and significance of the present. And I know my perfectionist brain has to be re-wired to make this a habit.

The Conclusion

Quite the reflective mood. I know. Like everyone else, I am a work in progress. We live. We learn. Personal growth is not something to fear. I know that the sooner I understand that life is not linear, the better.

What’s been on your mind lately?


P.S. I am tempted to see Tom Cruise this upcoming weekend. You?

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