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I had an encounter which had left a “forever” imprint on my life.

Life allowed me the opportunity to spend time with a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan.

You may have met a military veteran who behaves like this :

  • Short answers
  • Blunt responses
  • Cut through the chase persona
  • Structure, structure, structure
  • Let’s get the job done
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I love the Pacifier. Yeah Vin Diesel is in my top ten.

But I Digress…

How we got to interact was my frustration with not getting any kind of greeting. I learned after I closed the gap, this was a person who had been navigating the civilian life. Memories from my mental health training surfaced.

I had to recall my training and let that guide my interactions thereafter.

In the months that we worked together, I would learn bits and pieces about Army life. As you know, it’s hard to get a veteran to open up. Having been trained in therapeutic interventions and engaged in therapeutic interventions for sexual abuse and traumas, I would not flinch or have strong reactions.

The Moment That Broke me

I had put in my resignation. Word got around. One evening I was presented with an obviously worn, used fabric covered journal. This was a parting gift. I was invited to get a peek into military life.

It was a moving experience. I felt chills. I realized I was working with a warrior hero. I could not say enough: Thank you and your family for your service. I do recall being in quiet reflection.

Let Me Pitch My Tent Here

  • 2 million of our heroes have served in Afghanistan
  • Veterans make up 11% of homeless adults
  • 70% who are homeless are battling substance abuse
  • 50% of the homeless population battle PTSD
  • Every 80 minutes we lose a wounded warrior to suicide.

It Baffles Me

Forgive my British colonized upbringing, but Remembrance Day did not include grill, backyard parties and Memorial Day sales. It was a solemn time to remember our glorious dead. After such an encounter with a wounded warrior, I have a new perspective on how I want to honor our glorious dead.

The End

Please show gratitude to those who answered the call, left the comforts of home, dashed into the unknown for freedom.

Honor and Glory to our warrior heroes who have passed into the victory parade for all heroes.

Via Tenor

Peace to you Friend,


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