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Black woman accepts a kiss from her white male partner. They are in love.
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Meet the male protagonist in Love Knows: Seth Chandler.

Seth Chandler was born into privilege. His father, Richard Chandler, legal magnate and visionary built the Chandler Law empire which was a fixture on the New York business pages. The firm was Seth’s inheritance.

Every iota of Seth’s being was vested in proving to his father that he could carry on his father’s legacy. Part and parcel of this would mean being true to the rank and station by making sure he was keeping within social circles and nurturing networks that were forged before he was conceived.

The Seth Chandler the high born society was careful not to see had a strong penchant for justice. It seemed that he was torn between duty to the firm and his own suspicions when trying the sexual assault case against his client. His closest friend Ariel was devoid of any attachments to the world with which he existed. Friendships were golden to him. Ariel was true and authentic in seeing him as a real person.

As dysfunctional as his family thrived, his heart yearned for a connection. He treasured his mother aching at how she lacked the love and admiration from her husband. Seth tried to fill in the gaps as only a dutiful son could. Madison Parker was his baby sister and she was important to him. His relationship with his brother William is special. Blasting his mother’s dismissive nature towards him, he forges a deep connection with William who ends up being his truth teller and conscience.

Falling in love with Rachel was complex yet a beautiful challenge. She fascinated him and was a direct antithesis to Audrey, the woman he was supposed to love, honor and marry. With Rachel there was no pretense. This was a woman he would do anything to make happy. She posed a challenge that he would risk anything.

Seth’s blinders are that in his quest to serve his father he did not advocate for himself. He did not want to upset the order of things in his life. Inaction especially for key events appears to be a flaw. Seth loved William but not enough to let him know about the investigation surrounding his father’s firm.

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