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In the conception phase, I envisioned a young West Indian woman who had a complex and multifaceted character. Her beginnings are humble and intentionally left up to the reader’s investigative vices. She was raised by a single mother Celina who readers will discover never felt attached to her own family.

Rachel appears to be an outsider. Her decisions are questioned especially when she decided to remain a Legal Secretary instead of using her bar exam license. Rachel is stubborn determining not to conform to expectations of others.

Escaping Saint Lucia for the cocoon of New York City was a no brainer after a highly public embarrassment. New York City was big enough to allow her to become another nameless, faceless existing unnoticed.


Rachel was satisfied in thinking that she could live on her own terms.

Another facet of control was in Rachel’s personal life. As a young first year law student, she had become vulnerable with a charming visiting British Law Professor. Swept up in the passion of the experience blinded her to the hurt she had inflicted on a young man with whom she was romantically involved.

Left in Barbados to face pregnancy and a miscarriage alone, spurned by the young man she two timed, Rachel learned to place fortifications around her heart and learn her lesson.

Her relationship with her mother is protected at all costs. She loves with everything and spares nothing for those whom she loves.

She does not acknowledge readily her faults. The hurt of having a young man feel betrayed with her affair with a Professor. Not understanding the impact of not being a good friend to Daniela by withholding secrets.

The decision to give herself permission to open her heart to a constant face on the number four train was against her better judgment. Seth Chandler had the charm but was a reminder of a tragic mistake made years before. She realized how much she was in love with him the moment he was arrested. Going against all she’s known, she stepped up to join his legal team.

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