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I am doing well and adjusting to this COVID-19 normal. I hope you are well and healthy too. If you are going through the rough patches in these uncertain times, I’m holding you up in my prayers and thoughts.

These past few months have been mentally challenging. A global pandemic, shelter in place orders, racism and the ongoing protests against police brutality and injustice throughout the globe.

My eyes have been opened to the way I see life through the lens of these global challenges. It can cause a gloomy cloud to just settle in the mind. Someone once said that when we get these feelings, it is better to visit but do not remain there as a permanent resident. I have to admit that I was heading towards permanent residency. Quite tempting when the images of injustice and wrong deeds are paraded on a daily basis on social media and television.

Writing was difficult. I had to force myself to write at least one hundred words. After a while, I surrendered to its seductive powers and wrote voraciously like I had no other escape.

Loving Abbie gave me a reason to write.

This newsletter landed in my inbox. The writer may have read my mind when stating that if the urge to write is becoming a challenge because of current conditions in our world, put your mind to work on a project that could help you through your funky feelings.

And that is what I did. I created a story that revived my passion for writing. I chose Wattpad because I wanted to write this story in real-time. It was a first draft with no revisions.

How could I not credit my deep, abiding faith in my Father? I make no secret that my Christian faith and relationship with Jesus Christ gives me fuel and energy to face all of my challenges. Virtual church services helped me reach back to those sacred verses and sacred hymns that buoyed my spirit in the past.

My heart is lighter because I can share my quarantine baby with you.

Get to know about Loving Abbie

Via Moi

An Emergency Trauma surgeon who saves lives. A Detective who serves and protects lives at any cost. A string of tragic events that demand their undivided attention.

Marco Torres, an emergency trauma surgeon, finds himself unknowingly caught in the middle of an investigation which is unlike any of the emergency surgeries he performs every day when he performs surgery on the suspected murderer of Detective Leyland Cole. The death of a Detective and the events that follow causes Marco to cross paths with Detective Abigail Peterson, a stubborn, defiant, investigator who is hellbent on solving her partner’s murder. For Abbie, Marco is the missing piece in a complicated investigation that could give her the satisfaction of seeking revenge and justice for her dead partner.

Meddling, pestering Detective Abbie, who appears around every corner seems impossible to ignore. Marco draws closer to Abigail breathing new life into a connection he once thought impossible.

Loving Abbie is a first-person account told by Dr. Marco Torres with a modern, realistic outlook on love, dating, and relationships.

Thank you for sticking with me,


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