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Yes, our babies, their siblings, parents, teachers, loved ones, the community are marching for their lives.

Let the image below soak into our system for a minute.

Credit: Washington Post

The day after Newtown, I along with my neighbors stood at the school bus stop. We were not the customary chatterboxes that morning.

We had seen the news. We would put our babies on a bus with no certainty that we would see them later in the day.

My youngest was 1 year old when the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook occurred.

Eleven Years Later

Our children are marching again. We should be ashamed of ourselves when our children have to take up the mantle for their tender lives.

I made a promise to myself to use my voice, gifts and talents to raise awareness on issues swept under the rug and oftentimes ignored.

I feel as a parent that I do not wish to ever get an email again letting me know that at my child’s school, a gun was confiscated.

For Columbine, Parkland, Virginia Tech, West Nickel Mines Amish School, Sandy Hook, Robb Elementary and those not known but never forgotten…

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