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Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is another West Indian in whom I am well pleased.

The first was Jamaica Kincaid for her remarkable literary pieces.

The biggest reason is because Prime Minister Mottley led her nation into a new era as a republic. Breaking with its British colonial past. In history, I learned Barbados was called “Little England.” It was the “playground” for the colonists. Barbados was one of the Caribbean islands which was successfully used as a staging ground for colonizing other islands.

That’s a huge deal! And yes, the country has its first female President. Oh yes, Rhianna became a national hero.

Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley who leads a republic smiling in a full frontal portrait in front of a tall plant.
Source: Wikipedia
  • Prime Minister Mottley did not have a successful start as a politician, having lost in 1991 by less than 200 votes to her opponent.
  • The designation of Queen’s Counsel is reserved for senior legal practitioners. Prime Minister Mottley was the youngest recipient of this honor.
  • In 2018, Prime Minister Mottley became the first female Prime Minister of Barbados.
  • On November 30th, the 55th anniversary of the country’s independence, Barbados became a republic.
  • Prime Minister Mottley has been vocal about climate change, technological inequities and vaccine inequities.
  • I understand Prime Minister Mottley does not shy away from discussing the subject of reparations. Barbados, like other Caribbean islands colonized by the British, have yet to be compensated for the resources and wealth got by the Crown.

Prime Minister Mottley dared to wade into an arena which is male dominated and subject to public scrutiny. She has endeavored to rise above the criticism and see the long view.

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