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Finding the right words to express your ideas can be difficult enough. Ensuring that it follows the grammatical rules can be quite the task. Don’t you worry. We’ll look over some common grammatical errors and corrections.

  1. A lot vs. Alot- There are times I have found myself guilty of using this incorrectly. The correct usage is a lot.
  2. Could of, Would of, Should of-Consider could have, would have and should have.
  3. Your/You’re- The mistake is easily done. Your refers to possession and you’re is a contraction for you are.

4. Its/It’s- Like number 3, its denotes possession and it’s is a contraction for “it is”.


5. Their, There and They’re- Their denotes possession. There denotes time and place. They’re is the contraction for they are.

Do you have any grammar peeves? Feel free to share them.

Grammatically yours,


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