Michael Jordan’s Tears Are My Tears!

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Out of respect for the G.O.A.T Michael Jordan, I am going to spare you the crying meme. Michael Jordan showing visible emotions on a global stage was a cultural shift.

Men are taught to take the lead with strength and courage in times of crisis. Men cannot be seen as weak and unstable.

As a person of color, I have witnessed instances where men were discouraged from showing any signs of falling apart. Crying was a female response. Men reined in their emotions and took charge.

I applaud Michael Jordan for daring to reveal the depth of his grief to the world. The crying meme fell flat in that moment because men everywhere had permission to freely express their emotions through tears.

Writing male characters like my male protagonist Seth in Love Knows was a struggle. How could I make Seth appeal to my readers? I made a conscious decision to humanize Seth and allow him to cry openly and freely even before the woman he loved.

My pledge is to follow Michael Jordan’s example and ensure that I humanize male characters as beings who can be vulnerable.

Let me be vulnerable.

It has been a heavy few weeks. The shock from Kobe Bryant’s passing is an open wound. It sits like a heavy brick on my chest.

Via Giphy

Kobe Bryant and the shadow that he cast in this generation will never be forgotten.

I will miss you Kobe.

Mamba forever,


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