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International Mother Language Day in a brown talk bubble against the background of other languages in pink talk bubble.
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Lately, I have been nurturing thoughts about home.

Island in the blue ocean with aerial view of two cruise ships docked at the port in Castries, Saint Lucia.
The Pitons, twin mountain peaks in Saint Lucia, a world heritage site by UNESCO jutting from the sea.

Believe me, these photos hardly do any justice. Saint Lucia is a beauty once compared to that of Helen of Troy. British and French fought this 264 square mile island over. Although the British prevailed, our ancestors retained and integrate French customs in every aspect of life.

The mother tongue of Saint Lucia is Kweyol. Its origins lie in African languages and broken French.

Here are a few examples:

Tibway-la ka wè kabwit-la

The boy sees the goat

Fanm-lan ka déjnen

The woman is having breakfast

Lapli ka tonbé an chay an livènaj

It rains a lot during the rainy season

In Love Knows, I wanted to highlight the culture and heritage of Saint Lucia by placing words and phrases in Kweyol. English translations are provided in the novel. The idea was to give the reader a glimpse into the ordinary, everyday conversation patterns in Saint Lucia. Local media houses continue to deliver the news in English and Kweyol.

If you want to hear my mother tongue in action, please click the video below.

Diamond’s Inspirations YouTube Channel

Love Knows is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

What’s your mother tongue? Leave me a comment! I’d love to hear about your heritage!


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  1. Goldie

    Just fyi- there does not seem to be a comment section under your writing space post from 2/21/22. Your photos of a perfect place to write made me smile. I’d write there, too. But for now – I write where I can.

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