In Times Of Peace And War

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Tonight, the city of Kyiv is in my thoughts.

Tonight, I think of all Ukrainians fighting for democracy, enduring as an unprecedented siege moves forward within their beloved homeland.

Included in this group are my writing colleagues, brothers and sisters who are not only going through the wide-ranging effects of an unprovoked invasion but must struggle with how to come to terms with this as story tellers, creatives, masters and mistresses of the pen and truth tellers.

Ukraine on yellow upper case letters with a lighted candle and the Ukrainian flag of blue and yellow against a dark blue background.
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My dear writer colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters,

I will not dare imagine the immeasurable pain, sorrow, shock and horror you are enduring at this very minute.

I have never experienced war conditions.

As a citizen of the world, your writing colleague, friend and sister, I have been keeping a close watch like all others who believe in the spirit of freedom, humanity, peace and democracy.

I struggle to find the words which I pray could communicate the sentiments of my heart.

You have the most powerful tool that cannot be taken from you: the pen.

You have a treasure that can never be robbed: your words.

Your voice can never be silenced.

We are writers.

Your stories will be a lasting, living historical documentation for generations.

You are the truth tellers.

I see the grit, resilience, and perseverance of your great nation as a citizen of an island nation which fought for its sovereignty from a colonial power.

I stand with you, my brothers and sisters, from thousands of miles away in spirit, sending you faith, strength and power!

Standing with you,


Colors of the Ukrainian Flag with a white dove of peace and the word Peace underneath to support the State of Ukraine against the Russian invasion.
Peace. No War.
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