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Ingrid Bergman was born in Sweden. She had known about personal losses in her life, beginning with the death of close family members. She learned drama and theater while attending a private school. After her film debut in 1934, she caught the eye of filmmakers and producers.

Soon, she would also catch the eye of American film producer David O. Sleznick. From there, her career skyrocketed to nabbing seven Academy Award nominations and being revered as a theater legend. This is a lady who starred alongside leading men like Yul Brynner, Humphrey Bogart and Charles Boyer.

Why I Admire Ingrid Bergman

  • When Miss Bergman was on screen, I was drawn to the authenticity poured into the characters.
  • The Inn of Sixth Happiness, Joan of Arc and Gaslight are among my favorite Ingrid Bergman movies.
  • One could not help but want to see how her character evolved. Especially in Gaslight, there is this inclination to lash out at her on screen antagonist.
  • In my mind, Casablanca is the most defining role. She captured the whole conundrum of being torn between two lovers effortlessly.
  • In her personal life, she had to rise above public scandal, being ostracized by Hollywood and find her way forward.
  • I believe Ingrid had to endure this struggle of being true to herself as an artist and having a private life on her own terms. As a woman, there seemed to be high moral expectations.
  • Anastasia was her comeback with a second Academy Award.

Ingrid Bergman is in a class of her own, having left an imprint on screen and on stage, which is unforgettable. No one can capture her essence.

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