Happy 41st Birthday Saint Lucia!!

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Via Giphy

Ste. Lisi,

Fair Helen,

Even though I may have ventured away from your pristine shores, you have never been far from my thoughts.

My heart longs to see you.

My heart longs to re-live those moments when time stood still and life took on a unique meaning.

I can still smell your salty waters.

I can still hear the waves lapping your beautiful shores.

I can still hear the voices of market folk peddling their goods in Castries.

I can still hear the reprised sounds of Sesenne Descartes.

I can still hear the songs of my ancestors,

See them dance the quadrille,

Ladies dressed in wob dwiyet twirling on air,

Your Pitons beckon me home.

Soufriere is calling me.

Thousands of miles away from your loving arms,

I hold you close, my Fair Helen,

My Ste. Lisi.

Note: Learn more about Saint Lucian culture in my debut novel, Love Knows.

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