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So today my joints are aching. My spirit is screaming for more Java goodness. My eyes refuse to stay open.

Via Tenor

Reason being, this past weekend I spent the bulk of my time bonding with my youngest K.

I’m always busy. My mind is never asleep. But this past weekend, I had to break from the regular scheduled programming and focus on my family.

Family is important. You know this!


I did not realize that the entire weekend would be spent learning and having some takeaways about myself and personal growth stuff.

The Truth Is …

I had pre-planned my weekend to get a million things accomplished until I discovered that my youngest K had already gotten excited about taking walks and working on a State Float project.

So ….

Here’s what I took away from my time with my Gamer K. Yes, he’s a spirited video gamer.

Let Go

This was not my project. It was my son’s project. The control freak inside of me wanted to give him my own blueprint for an excellent grade. It became a subtle push and pull until I took a step back and let him lead.

He did a mockup of the float, shared his vision and I watched him become a creative visionary in the process. It’s hard as a parent not to jump in and save the day. Yet, I had to learn that I had to let go.

Someone once said that parenting is learning to let go. Even the last kid.

Next …

This sight had us speechless…

Via Moi M.

If you had something to eat, my sincerest apologies.

This is our favorite walking route. We’d revel in seeing the fish playfully surface and wriggle their tails away.

Not this day. So we had a discussion about human interference with nature, death and grieving. My nearly twelve year old taught me about learning how to deal with disappointment, grieving with authenticity and putting feelings in proper context. Yes, I used adult words.

Chill… Relax

We had completed 8 hours work on that project and I was dead tired.

But I made a promise. No reneging.

Even though I was fatigued, we took in the last hour of daylight to walk, talk, laugh and learn more about each other.

Bonding experiences are meaningful.

Via Tenor

With all the terror and chaos in our world, investing in those who add meaning to our lives is super important.

Another Thing ..

Could we PLEASE expel the hater gallery? They don’t care about us. Yes, I am speaking to myself too. Let’s not waste our little grey cells on them. They’re living rent free in our heads.

You Guys Are 🤩

I’ll end it here. Tough week. Busy week. Still recalibrating. I have a proposition for you guys but I will let you know next time.

Via Tenor
  • My heart goes out to Moms and Dads struggling through the baby formula shortage;
  • Last I heard my body is mine;
  • I still don’t know if I want to watch the Downton Abbey film;
  • Yes, I saw Dr. Strange. I thought I was watching The Walking Dead. But, hey I love Benedict Cumberbatch!!! So…
  • Glory to Ukraine!
  • Free Brittany Griner!!!
  • We need more rain!!!!! Like now!!!
  • Leave me a comment or say hi on anywhere else except Twitter. You know why 😉
  • Enjoy the weekend to the fullest!
  • Put your phone down 🤣


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