Writing Goals: Be Afraid

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Fear is powerful.

Fear is crippling.

Fear is a great motivator.

Fear reminds us we have a pulse. We are alive.

By the time this post publishes, I will be knee-deep in fear. It is not the type that makes me want to cower and hide. The characters in my story are veering off the course which I, as the writer, had originally intended. The situations being presented has caused me to pay close attention to my own perspectives on love, sex, relationships and values.

There is truth in the view that on occasion a story takes on a life of its own. To be honest, these are scary and thrilling moments. A turn of events such the one I am experiencing may just be the perfect resolution for my book.

Time will only tell.

As I continue putting pen to paper, fear has to become a factor in my process. A healthy dose now and then poses opportunities to explore beneath the surface.

Whatever becomes unearthed could be life-changing.

3 thoughts on “Writing Goals: Be Afraid

  1. theowllady

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  2. christawojo

    I used to be afraid of writing a scene as if it would be set in stone and that I could never go back and change it. Like my characters told me the story instead of it being me creating the story. Now I know that I can go back and rewritethings and it’s okay. I’m the writer. I am in charge. Let the muse take you where he wants to, and know that when it’s all finished, if you don’t like it, you can create a new possibility.

    • Miriam E. Thompson

      I completely agree! Thanks for sharing your comment. I think it is a very interesting part of the writing process. This is what makes writing an adventure.

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