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Drum Roll PUH-LEEZE!!!! For the love of the writing gods…..

I have made a decision for Camp July NanoWrimo. And it is, Loving Abbie. It is June 18th and I have not even started fleshing it out as yet. But you know me, I will get around it.

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In Short

Dr. Marco Torres is a single divorced dad and a busy Emergency Trauma surgeon. One night he performs surgery on a suspect whose body is riddled with bullets. Before the suspect passes out, he shares information which is nonsensical at the time. Little does Dr. Marco Torres know that he is at the center of a criminal case which extends as far as politicians, law enforcement and gives him the constant attention of Detective Abigail Peterson.


It’s got suspense, romance and…..

Via Giphy Oh BARRY!!

Dream Cast

Let me tell you a secret. I keep Pinterest Boards for my books. While you’re there check out the Board for Love Knows. Anywho, check out the Loving Abbie Pinterest Board. Take a view at my pins and you will see what I am up to.

The Song

I thought long and hard about the one song that could define the book. That song Roberta Flack made popular, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face stuck with me.


So, come July1st, good people, I am going to write the first draft of this romance novel in 30 days.


And let’s see if I learned my lessons from April.

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