Camp Nanowrimo Day 1

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Words written: 2521

Word Count Goal: 50,000

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First Things First!!!


I. Can’t Believe. This.

It feels good to know that there are three people out there who saw value and worth in Love Knows. You made this happen too! A million thanks for all of your support.

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Are you going to see the new Elvis movie? I don’t know myself.

Anyhow, I was caught up in the whole stars thing that this happened.

C’est moi

I know! 😂

The Story & The Setup

First thing, I started with debating whether to recast this story against the backdrop of COVID-19 or Current COVID-19 conditions. You will be happy to know that I decided this morning to recast in the latter. For reasons you will understand as the story unfolds. And I don’t need the headaches. Not now, friend.

In The Beginning

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Marco Torres is at a private family birthday party for his four year old daughter. She is everything to him. In the middle of the party, his pager went off. Time to head out to the hospital. Marco is an Emergency Trauma Surgeon. Immediately there is conflict introduced because his four year old daughter is upset that he’s busy. His sweet Mom also thinks that he needs to spend more time at home.

Research Break

I understand that ER Trauma Surgeons have hectic schedules. They are highly in demand because of their surgical expertise. Their days are long and nights are longer. Like any other highly stressful career, there are downsides for their personal lives.

Break Over

At the hospital, there is a patient who is rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds which are life threatening. Enter Zaroun, an emergency cardiologist, Marco’s best friend from medical school. From the little he learns, this is a valued patient who is alleged to have entered a high school and murdered five high school students. He’s handcuffed to gurney which angers Marco.

After hours of surgery, Zaroun and Marco meet the woman who changes everything.

Via Tenor

Detective Abigail Bathsheba Peterson.

She storms into the scene frustrated with the hours of surgery and no words. Marco is left alone to face her wrath. Zaroun acknowledges that he forgot to mention Abigail. He refuses to engage and gives her a scripted, robotic response.

We meet her more personable partner, Detective Cole Pritchard who Marco chooses not to ignore. In treating a wound on his arm. Marco learned that the suspect was important to an investigation.

Marco did his rounds as usual the next couple of days and was in the room as the suspect regained consciousness. The suspect spoke of being framed and in fear for his life. Marco did not engage choosing to monitor his wellbeing. The patient spoke in what he thought was riddles with numbers and words which seemed unintelligible and not decipherable.

Six weeks pass by and Marco settles into his normal routine. The events of that night is a distant memory. Until, while having a rare Sunday off with his family, he reads breaking news alert that a suspect was found hanging in a cell.

The news rattles his bones when he reads the news feed. It was his patient.

Seven days later, while on shift, there is an alert that two Police Officers were being rushed to the hospital. One died en route and the other was fading fast.

On his surgical table lay a battered, bruised and wounded Detective Abigail Bathsheba Peterson.


I was exhausted. It was a highly charged work day because 4th of July means one less work day.

I’m happy still that I prepared for this a bit differently from April. I have many things competing for my attention. Not a worry, friend. It’s a glorious chaos full of great possibilities.

Until Day 2,


P.S. Don’t get sucked in by the ugliness. See the beauty in everything.

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