Camp Nanowrimo: Day 9

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Words written: 956

Running total: 10, 083

I unlocked the 10,000 word badge. Put that down to percentages, I am 20% of the goal of 50,000 words.

How do I feel?

Via Tenor

Where Was I?

Last time I mentioned that I made a last minute decision to do something jarring or unexpected. It was a whim and I was tempted to ride the wave.

Ollie (whose legal name is Rajiv) and Rosalind have been lifelong plutonic friends. They have known each other since Primary School. (This is based in Edinburgh, Scotland). Each of them have been through personal challenges together as most friends do and found support in each other. There is no question about loyalty, etc.


Now that Rosalind departs for Saint Lucia with her mother the most incredible thing occurred.

Okay…I have to tell you how I felt before I reveal it. Handwriting is great for me when I write first drafts because I am relaxed. My mind can better visualize scenes, characters and situations.

Knowing the backstory of Ollie and Rosalind, I thought he boring it would be to leave things was normal.

Throw in a challenge. My thought is if I am bored imagine the reader, right? I know you agree with me.

Here it is…

Rosalind was taken by complete surprise when Ollie took her by the arm, held her close by the waist and kissed her.

Not on the forehead.

Not on the cheek.

Not on the hand.

Oh yes, on her lips. And it was not a quick peck either. It was a lingering one.

By now you know I have the flair for dramatics.

Via Tenor

This is totally unnatural in their relationship. No words at all. Rosalind cannot breathe much less fathom what just happened. Ollie says nothing.

It’s…. GREAT!!! This is a hurdle now.

So… That’s the drama I caused. Let’s see where it goes.

Until then,


P.S. Have a safe, drama free day. 😉

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