Camp Nanowrimo Day 9

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Party Fiesta

Marco’s Mom throws him a birthday party at her house. It’s meant to bring him a lightened mood and remind him that he is loved. Lucia Torres cooks up a feast for her son. Zaroun, Kashaf, Scarlett and Leila Jane, Gayle, Delia and his mother’s friends from church. Abigail shows up by special invitation from his mother.

Via Tenor

The world as Marco knew it was becoming smaller.

From The Observation Deck

Abbie scored major points with Clarissa. Marco watched as she played with his daughter, played dolls, taught her how to hold Leila Jane and how to enjoy her dessert with ice cream.

Impressive but not enough. Children are trusting.

Decisions, Decisions

As a birthday gift, his mother Lucia Torres gave him a Sky diving adventure for two. This took Marco back to his last time with Livia. His friends try to get him to find out who’s going to be his partner.

Abbie visits his apartment based on the recent unfortunate events. At the end of the conversation, Abbie is tempted to go…

Via Tenor

I watched the movie Ambulance . Listen! I know it flopped. EMTs never get respect! That movie was spectacular. It took me back to…

Via Tenor

Speed!! Keanu Reeves!

I never listen to critics. If I did I would never be bowled over by Ms. Marvel.

Okay 👍🏽

Back to writing,


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