Camp Nanowrimo: Day 8

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To be honest…

Via Tenor

Just one hell of a day. Exhausted, fatigued and all the words that the lexicon gods have to spare.

Today’s count: 949 words

Running total: 9207 words.

I hate the word pivot.

Work from home PTSD surfacing in my brain right now.

Anyhow, I will let you know more about the last minute change I made before Rosalind left Scotland for Saint Lucia.

Remember I made some comments in the previous diary entry about the uniqueness of her close plutonic relationship with Ollie.

Tomorrow, I will let you know if I did something which could make their relationship awkward.

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Okay … Really appreciate you all but …

Via Tenor

Tomorrow then,


Oh … Take care of yourself. That pestilence is still camping in our neighborhood.

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