Camp Nanowrimo Day 8

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The Elephant In The Room

I have never thought that I would be able to write a story from a man’s perspective. When I wrote Seth Chandler’s character in Love Knows, I was careful to not make him look like he was a shadow. In my current manuscript, The Chaplain’s Heart, it’s told from a man’s perspective. I take my time to ensure that there is a human being with all the facets of a living breathing person.

I am no expert on being a man. I’m humble to admit it to you.

Say Hello To Scarlett

Via Tenor

Not that one. 🙅🏾‍♀️

Via Tenor

Sorry. 👎🏽

Although it does relate to the story.

The Unexpected

Marco is at work and gets an unexpected text message from Scarlett. At this point, he realizes his number is popular. Then he remembers leaving his number with her after the home birth.

Not Made Of Cardboard

Via Tenor

Scarlett Pritchard asks him out to coffee. When he got over there, the wish he saw made him forget that she was a widow. She was absolutely stunning. The sound of Leila Jane made him snap back to reality. She bought them both coffees and had him hold the baby.

She had just been at the Police Plaza for the unveiling of her husband’s name on the Memorial Wall. She had a score to settle with him for leaving without saying goodbye. He did not mean to do that but he could not stand being in the room with Detective Abigail.

She is determined to thank him for birthing Leila Jane and invited him to dinner. While she spoke, she left Leila Jane in his arms. Of course he would not say no while staring into Leila Jane’s beautiful eyes.

Via Tenor


I decided to let Scarlett ask Marco over to dinner at her place. It would not be romantic and they would not be alone. Detective Abigail was also invited.

Marco brings over flowers, wine and a stuffed animal for Leila Jane. Being in that house made him feel weird. There were pictures of Detective Cole and family pictures. This was his widow’s house. Being respectful of the space, he is careful to observe boundaries.

Via Tenor

Abbie did not get over to the house. She was detained. Yes, I purposefully did that. Let’s make Marco uncomfortable.

Over coffee and pie, he learns that she does get visitors from time to time. That dwindled to just Abbie. Lieutenant Morales visits her and gives the impression that Abbie could have played a role in her husband’s death.

Scarlett denies that thought quickly because she describes the relationship between her husband and Abbie like…

Via Tenor

I miss Elliot and Olivia!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Scarlett starts to tell Marco about Abbie— her personality, qualities and how Cole managed to put up with her as a partner. Out of respect for Cole’s widow and daughter, he leaves at a decent hour.

While he was processing his “dinner date”, the last person he expected was at his door.


She tries without fail to convince him that she had nothing to do with the early morning raid and the assault.

Via Tenor

He meant it this time.

For real.

Well, we shall see,


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