Camp Nanowrimo: Day 7

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Think of the relationships in your life. To be more specific, the plutonic ones. I’m thinking about those that have been tried, tested and long lasting. My mind was challenged to reject any personal notions I had about past or present experiences. The dynamic between Rosalind and Rajiv (Ollie) had to be natural and organic.

Via Tenor

Saved By The Bell was the best! High school friends trying to navigate through the pressures of being a teenager in the 90s. Jessie is missing from the photo. I don’t remember the reason for her absence.

Word Count Update

Today I wrote 949 words with a total overall word count of 8,772.

What I Wrote Today

Rosalind and Rajiv (Ollie) were having tea at her flat. The tension at the dinner table was the elephant in the room. Rosalind wants to know if he would consider the arranged marriage. There was talk about this before but his mother’s emphasis on getting married by Christmas heightened her own curiosity.

He diverts her attention to the shock of hearing about extended family in Saint Lucia. He worries about her knowing how she would retreat into isolation when her world falls apart.

Ollie is selective in questions and answers. Ollie could never stand being nagged. Rosalind backed down. Out of all of the unexpected events, she was happy that Ollie remained in her life. The conversation ends with more tension and more questions than answers.

This relationship has much to unearth. Some of it is cultural because of Rosalind’s biracial background and Ollie’s Southeast Asian background. I wanted to write about a unique relationship. There’s no turning back now.

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P.S. All hail Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson!! It really was about time!

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